Fitting Out

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Week seventeen. It’s amazing how much of a difference a bit of plasterboard makes.

20090329T1114T 20090329T1116bT
20090329T1111T 20090329T1117T 20090329T1116aT

Week eighteen was all about getting plastered and stoned. The house, that is, not us.

20090404T1419bT 20090404T1420T
20090404T1521T 20090404T1418bT 20090404T1418cT

Week nineteen was was a holiday week, so progress was a little slower than usual

20090412T1039T 20090412T1040aT
20090412T1620T 20090412T1621T 20090412T1043T

Week twenty saw the outbuilding kitchen and bathroom start to take shape

20090418T1749aT 20090418T1735bT 20090418T1740T 20090418T1739T

Week 21 was both quiet and electrifying

20090425T1151bT 20090425T1149aT 20090425T1150bT 20090425T1153T

Week 22 and the new kitchen became part of the house

20090503T1036aT 20090503T1028T 20090503T1039T 20090503T1032T

Week 23 saw the return of the plumbers, with hot water for the first time in the outbuilding

20090510T1317bT 20090510T1323T 20090510T1315aT 20090510T1315bT

Week 24 saw the focus of work transfer to the main house, but there was still progress in the Outbuilding

20090517T1058aT 20090517T1100bT 20090517T1102aT
20090517T1059T 20090517T1101aT