Demolition & Groundwork

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A reminder of what the house and outbuilding looked like before the builders arrived

20061204T1159eT 20080904T1333T 20061204T1159cT 20081123T1657cT

After the first week of work, a lot had changed at the back of the house - the porch and retaining wall had gone

20081129T1348bT 20081129T1350T 20081129T1349bT 20081129T1351T 20081129T1352T

The second week saw foundations started at the back and excavations begin at the front

20081207T1512aT 20081207T1512bT
20081207T1511aT 20081207T1513aT 20081207T1513bT

By the end of the third week, the rear retaining wall was coming on but getting to the front door was tricky

20081213T1022T 20081213T1024T 20081213T1026bT 20081213T1024bT

The fourth week saw the foundations at the front rising up and the menage covered with spoil

20081220T1354T 20081220T1352T
20081220T1337aT 20081220T1350bT 20081220T1350aT

The week before Christmas was a short working week and after the builders had left an old dry stone wall collapsed

20081224T1030T 20081224T1031bT 20081224T1031cT 20081224T1032bT