Finishing Touches

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Week 25 saw the new kitchen really take shape, but the new heating system threw a wobbly

20090524T1103T 20090524T1104T 20090524T1106T 20090524T1715T

Week 26 was the week of clearing up, laying concrete and tiling

20090531T1703T 20090531T1707T
20090531T1704T 20090531T1706T 20090531T1711T

Week 27 and even more tiles were laid, until a snag was hit

20090607T1114aT 20090607T1122T
20090607T1118T 20090607T1119T 20090607T1116bT

Week 28 sees the work completed. Well, nearly!! Just a few problems to be sorted out.

20090614T1659T 20090614T1017aT 20090614T1016T 20090614T1022T