The Extension Goes Up

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We went on holiday for a month, when we came back in week nine there was a kitchen, a crog loft and no menage

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Week ten saw the arrival of heavy snow, but only one day of work was lost

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20090208T1044aT 20090208T1048T 20090208T1046bT

Week eleven and one builder had gone skiing (as if we hadn’t had enough snow), but work went on

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Come week twelve, the weather has warmed up and the it is beginning to be possible to imagine the finished results

20090220T1540T 20090221T1317bT 20090221T1311aT 20090221T1321T

Week thirteen and the conservatory men came. Thirteen was unlucky for the conservatory men - their van broke down

20090228T1443aT 20090228T1440bT
20090228T1438T 20090228T1440aT 20090228T1442aT

Week fourteen and the conservatory was glazed. Plumbers and electricians came and so did door frames & windows.

20090307T1002T 20090307T1001aT 20090307T1004cT 20090307T1006aT

Week fifteen and the conservatory had a window broken by an idiot with a drill (not a builder), but was nearly complete

20090315T1220T 20090315T1226T
20090315T1221T 20090315T1224aT 20090315T1224bT

Week sixteen and the weather has been good throughout the working week. Shame much of the work was indoors.

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