We visited Nebraska in September 2002 as part of our trip to ‘mop up’ the last five states. Nebraska is not a state that comes high on most people’s list of tourist destinations and we did struggle to find places of interest to visit. We stayed in Omaha, which is typical of the fairly uniform and hence uninspired cities that you find across much of the mid west. Outside of Omaha we travelled through open countryside that is best described as pleasant rather than spectacular.

Fall Foliage, Rock Creek Station, Nebraska, USA


Main Street, Historic Brownville

On the banks of the Missouri is a town that time forgot. First settled by Richard Brown in 1854, Brownville thrived for a time as a riverboat landing point and river crossing. When the railroad went west, it didn’t stop at Brownville, which went into decline thereby saving its old buildings from modernisation or demolition.

Main Street, Historic Brownville, Nebraska, USA

Captain Meriwether Lewis dredge, Brownville

It may look like a typical passenger riverboat, but the Captain Meriwether Lewis is actually a “dustpan dredge” used to keep the river navigable and to improve flood control defences. Built in 1932, nowadays it is a museum and sadly no longer afloat on the Missouri.

Historic Post Office Block, Abilene, Kansas, USA

Fall Foliage, Rock Creek Station

Nebraska may not be able to match the vibrant reds and yellows of fall in New England, but it can put on a good show when it wants to.

Captain Meriwether Lewis dredge, Brownville, Nebraska, USA

East & West Ranches, Rock Creek Station

Rock Creek was a station for Stagecoaches and the short lived but famous Pony Express that ran between St Joseph, Missouri and San Francisco. It was at Rock Creek Station that Wild Bill Hickok began his career with a fatal gun fight (not fatal to him, of course). The East and West Ranches are separated by a bridge, which in days when settlers travelled this way, was subject to a toll.


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- Brownville was interesting, but it would not be worth travelling a long distance to visit it.
- In our view, the most boring of the 50 states.
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