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Midatlantic USA

The original 13 British colonies extended down the Atlantic coast from modern day Maine to Georgia and their economies were largely agricultural. The colonies could rely on Britain to provide financial and political management and also any industrial goods that they needed. The revolution left vacuums in these areas but the states in the middle of the new USA soon developed into the political, financial and industrial powerhouse of the country. Westward expansion did not significantly change the balance and to this day both the political and financial centres remain in the Midatlantic area in Washington DC (albeit deliberately placed on the border with the South) and New York City respectively.   Fortunately industry did spread more widely across the USA sparing the Midatlantic area from becoming an industrial wasteland and in recent years much industry has moved out of the USA to the Far East where costs are lower.

While Midatlantic USA is best known for its big cities such as New York City, Washington DC and Philadelphia, it is also a place to find some great rural scenery, some of which can be found surprisingly close to the big cities.

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- The big cities, particularly New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore
- The historic towns found in across the area away from the big cities. Delaware merits a special note for Dover and New Castle.
- A special mention for New Jersey; if your only experience of the state is the industrial wasteland close to New York City, you will be pleasantly surprised by the area away from NYC.
- The industrial and commuter belt that serves New York City
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